Maslow Would Tell You — Start a Home Biz!

Let’s “philosophize” about a home biz for a bit, let’s talk about the why in a big picture way…

While the goal of working is money, as humans, there are many layers interwoven into the feeling of being happy.  Maslow’s famous “heirarchy of needs” is a good check point.  It’s pretty obvious how money weaves through all the different layers, and it’s also pretty clear why traditional jobs are becoming even more a source of stress.

A Home Biz envelops the Maslow hierarchy of needs!

More people are accepting jobs that are only supplying money for the basic needs part of the pyramid.  I’m confident in making this inference because of the unprecedented, astronomical increase in part-time jobs, which are almost by definition not a career path. This Forbes article calculates the ratio new part-time jobs to new full-time jobs as 4.3 to 1, compared to a baseline of about even.

Any wonder why 77% of the population says they regularly experience physical symptoms related to stress (according to the American Psychological Association), or that 76% say money and work are their main causes of stress?

How is a home biz the cure?  Do you really need to ask? 🙂 Besides providing money for basic needs, finding the right self-employment opportunity opens up the pathways to the higher needs — peer relationships, feelings of accomplishment, self-fulfillment, all those levels where a “do you want fries with that?” job misses the mark.

So, a home-based business is a great path forward to a richer life, and even better, you can make the transition gradually!  Here’s the key and you’ve heard it before — the key is finding your joy, your passion.  Approach the search openly, it could be an activity, a process, or a product that you love– maybe it’s helping people, or connecting with people, or creating things which delight or add value.  But do something — if you’re not actively pursuing the Self-Actualization tip of the pyramid, and a home biz can be a big part of it, your missing your life!

Re-Thinking Cellular, Solavei Mobile’s Home Biz Model

Solavei Mobile’s home biz model is new thinking for a broken economy.

Stepping out of the box is a challenge, and Solavei Mobile’s home biz model makes it worthwhile.

With a Solavei Mobile home biz, subscribers get the money that the big business model pays to brand, promote and advertise, and that’s BILLIONS of dollars a year, just in the cellular service industry.  Imagine what a stimulus THAT money would be, in the hands of real people like you and me!

We’ve all heard the only thing that’s constant is change.  The world changed with the advent of TV, and the business world smartly jumped on board, realizing by advertising it could get its message to millions.

Solavei Mobile's Home Biz is Rethinking CellularWell the world changed again with the internet and other technologies.  People DVR and skip right through commercials, if they’re watching conventional TV at all.  Even though its effectiveness is diminishing, the corporate world keeps spending billions on advertising, because that’s what it knows.

But, Solavei Mobile is re-thinking what works, for building subscriber base and for a broken economy, and its home biz model makes so much sense, it’s almost hard to accept — as the picture notes, “When faced with uncertainty, we prefer options that are consistent with our beliefs and past behaviors.” (h/t to tabjuice)

We’ve been subliminally conditioned to prefer big brands supported with big advertising campaigns.  But the big brands are part of the “trickle up” economics that have created one of the most skewed economies ever seen — everything flowing to a few at the top of the money chain.  It’s wonderful to be wealthy, but a nation of low wage earners is not America.  The genius of the Solavei Mobile home biz model, is that

  • 1) it IS a big brand — the T-Mobile network is one of the top four carriers in the nation, and
  • 2) EVERYONE can have the opportunity to earn those billions that have been “trickling up” to the big corporations.

So, why not re-think your choices?  You can now choose a service that reflects your values, without sacrificing quality or price value.  Get an EXCLUSIVE invitation to learn more about Solavei Mobile home biz using the easy sign up form!